Douglas Comhaltas

I have to be honest here until I met Ger the PRO for Comhaltas Douglas I didn’t even know Comhaltas existed.  But just a mile from my office they have 300+ children and adults learning music and song every week.  I was gobsmacked and so pleased.  I spent many happy summers in the Rosmuc Gaeltacht and for several years spoke Irish quite a lot with my kids when they were younger.  Both speak it reasonably well not purely because of me but I think they also have a grá For our culture and language.

Saying that I can’t play anything but was very impressed at the size of this group.  But they had no website and wanted to have one that showcased their group and also integrated the a bility to take class payments and subscriptions from a third party.  We also redesigned their logo which was a bit dated.

The end result is something they are very very happy with and we also have are going to keep the website up to date for them for a modest fee with events news, special dates and so on so they won’t have to worry about it and focus on what they are clearly amazing at – fostering a love of Irish music and culture in the Cork area.

Visit the live website here