The Project

Everyone loves big yellow JCBs. ECI JCB are the main JCB dealer in Ireland. If you see a JCB on the road it more than likely came through their Cork or Dublin office.

They contracted us to design a website that showcased the JCB brand and also their presence. One of their biggest problems was that their existing website was too difficult to add new products and their used JCBs that change regularly.

Ease of Use

One of the main improvements is that with the WordPress system in place they can actually keep the website up to date. This was really driving them crazy as even the smallest update took quite a long time as an external party had to do it and they had done less and less updates.

They now have 4 people who are responsible for keeping different areas of the website up to date. After a really short phone call and a quick tutorial they are all up to speed. A few weeks after launch I checked back as I had not heard from them and was a bit concerned and they had dded 16 pages of new machines. So updating doesn’t seem to be a problem for them.

The Technical Bits

  • Custom CMS design using WordPress
  • Custom Product Pages
  • Custom pages for product information
  • Migration of product information from old site to new.