Irish Horseriding

Website Design Summary

Irish Horse Riding are a company based in Mount Shannon County Clare. They provide a range of trekking holidays with comfortable accommodation for Irish and European holiday makers.

Their site was old and needed a new design to show off their offerings in a clean and modern look.

Technical Details

    • New website design migrating from an existing HTML site to a new look/
    • WordPress Development of this design into a multi page site.
    • Logo Design (see this on the site and below)
    • Localisation of site. The site is available on several different addresses and we are localising these to this look in 2015.

Website Design Project Details

This website project was interesting for a number of reasons. First was that their website content was rich and varied but their design was dated. This was a great chance for us to present their offerings in a clean yet detailed view. Our design goal was to make the site clean and simple while letting the visitor access as much information as possible

Image Galleries

They had over time developed some great content and imagery and the task to create the best website design possibly to showcase the great holidays was really interesting. We used the Nextgen Gallery pluginwebsite gallery image to display the pictures that they had taken down through the years for the different rides

We also developed a new logo for them which incorporated a horse and shamrock without being too cheesy.

The end result was a clean visual with a clever layout using WordPress . It doesn’t look like a standard WordPress site and we experimented with using a sidebar menu for navigation and we think it works well to show prominent information.

Logo Design

Logo Design for Irish Horse Riding CentreThe logo was where we started with setting the tone for the site and we avoided the traditional emerald greens while still retaining the Irish feel of the site. They plan to use this logo throughout their branding next year so we will provide a high resolution version of this to them.