Lisa Jordan is a leading Fashion social media and blogger.  With thousands of followers, she wanted to revamp her website and branding.  Her old site didn’t look great but had great material and she knew it. But she is a busy lady and eventually, we found time to sit down and talk about the revamp.

She wanted a completely new look and feel to the website.  Her focus, of course, is on her great blog posts and we wanted to show these in a bright and fresh manner.  

I was delighted to get this opportunity as she had already had the great visuals, looks amazing and  there was no shortage of ideas and material

I migrated her hosting to a more stable platform and completely redesigned the site, created a new logo and designed a WordPress bespoke theme for her.

She was delighted with the result and any feedback she had was minimal.

After the fact, when I mentioned to friends who’s site we had worked on and was met with wide-eyed stares of amazement and hushed tones were the order of the day.  Lisa is a rock star in the beauty blogging space and the products she talks about reflect this. See the site yourself just here: justjordan.ie

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I am so pleased with the website and the work Kieran did.  The website is way better than the one I had before and he did some really nice touches to it.  People now stay longer on my site and read more of the articles.

With the old site it was hard to navigate and was always crashing too.

Use him when you want a great website and super service.

— Many thanks! Lisa