PickMe – South Caledonia

PickMe.nc is a service providing the possibility to order, immediately or in advance, a vehicle with professional drivers (Taxi, Professional Chauffeurs). You can call a PickMe Driver with the app (available on Apple Store and Google Play) to drive you from point A to point B, or even to insert intermediate stops in order to share the cost of the ride.  PickMe.nc allows you to travel quickly and safely in a vehicle that respects our high quality and serious standards.

The Technology

We developed this website using the WordPress CMS. there is a lot of custom animation and slide shows and a heavy use of parallax to give a smooth transition down through the page.  The site is localised into several languages although French is the primary one.

What The Client Said


We were a little worried working with a company so far away but Kieran adjusted his schedule to work with us and we are so glad that it worked out so well.

Alex DuPlant