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Give us your website details and we analyse the competition and develop a starting PPC campaign and pricing for same.


We are based in Cork and provide PPC (Pay Per Click) services to companies in the Cork area.

The PPC program (also known as Google Ads) is run by Google which as you know processes hundreds of millions of searches per day. Every one of those searches represents a human being trying to solve a problem or satisfy a need through finding the right information online.

PPC and the Google Ads program allows advertisers to purchase text and links on the Google results page (the page the searcher sees after entering a word or phrase and clicking the Google Search button).

You pay for the ad only when someone clicks it and visits your Web site. The amount you pay for each visitor CPC (Cost Per Click) can vary depending on

  • The quality of your ad
  • The quality of the pages on your web site
  • The competitiveness of the market defined by the word or phrase (known as a keyword, even though it may be several words long) typed by the visitor.

Google Ads is a PPC (pay per click) advertising medium. Unlike other forms of advertising, with PPC you pay only for results: live visitors to your Web site. AdWords allows you as the advertiser to decide how much you’re willing to pay for a visitor searching on a given keyword. 

PPC can reliably deliver a customer to your  website for a predictable amount of money once your PPC / Ads program is structured correctly.

PPC Cork - ResearCH

At the onset of your campaign, we’ll perform a full SEO audit. During this time, we’ll identify the keywords that will be the most impactful for your website.

This research will be conducted using Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and Google Trends.

Create an Ad Campaign FOR GOOGLE ADS

Once we know your target keywords and understand who your target audience is, we’ll create an ad campaign through Google AdWords and any agreed-upon social media channels. All of your content will be optimized for maximum exposure and ROI. ​

Tracking and Monitoring PPC Campaigns

Once your ad campaign is created and we have enough data, we will report this information to you. This will give you the best opportunity to identify key trends and act on this information. We will share any information that is relevant to your ad campaign including:

  • Cost per click
  • Click-through rates
  • Conversion rates

You can expect these updates at least monthly, though we may provide information sooner if we feel it’s needed.​