Questions to Ask Before Starting A Website Redesign

Website Redesign Tips

A lot of our work comes from people who already have a website and want a web redesign.  It may not always be a good idea to spend money on though.  Here is whay.

Why Do You Want A Web Redesign?

Making your existing website “look better” is too vague a goal.

Taking time to work out what you want to achieve or at least try to achieve from your redesign is vitally important.

So approaching your website revamp with a view to just making it look brighter or adding the latest bells and whistles won’t make any real difference without sitting down and looking at some data.  Working out how best to do this is where the attention and effort should be spent.

What Are Your Analytics?

The most important reason for a web redesign is that you want to get more customers from your existing visitors. A visitor is not a customer until they do something on your site.

So do you know how many visitors your website is getting?

Many people don’t.

Taking a close look at your website traffic should fuel a new web design direction. Here are 5 quick questions to ask yourself today about your site (there are more but this is a good cross sample.)

  • What are your most trafficked pages?
  • Which site pages rank high in Google?
  • What percentage of visits are from organic sources?
  • What percentage of traffic are referrals from other sites?
  • What percentage of traffic is from social media sites?

If you are interested in having a website that functions as a business then this sort of data needs to be checked regularly using your Google Analytics.

If you haven’t got Google Analytics installed then you should rectify this.


Is Your Web Design Optimised for Mobile?

Unless you were in a cave you know the importance of mobile.

But even if your current website presents itself well for mobile you can optimise it even more. Again thinking of the customer get in their shoes. Can you hide unneeded information on mobile that might be OK on the desktop but slows down people finding what they want?

People on mobile want even quicker access to information than on desktop. When you help them with this they stay longer and yes perhaps convert into customers.

Google now weights the fact that your website is mobile friendly in search results.

And There’s More

Of course, there are many many more web redesign questions that we ask and often you actually may not need a redesign. What you really want is to get more clients (who doesn’t?) and your current website may be fine and your attention should be focused on optimising what you have and putting attention to search engine optimisation and marketing.

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