SEO 101 – Keywords

Disclaimer:  This is not meant to be the be all and end all of “How to Do SEO”   It is just simple advice for a person to attack the things that they can do in a normal work day or (evening) to accomplish small gains in ranking. So read on.

Keyword Love

People who come first to SEO and marketing get an intense fascination for keywords.

I want to rank for “Pizzas Cork” they say with a steely eyed look at me.

To put keywords into context we need to learn a few buzzwords that are actually important.

Keyword  Competitiveness

Keyword  Competitiveness means that some words are hard to rank for as they have lots of competition and some are less so.  Think “Pizzas Cork” versus “Pizzas Dublin”.  there is more search volume in Dublin than in Cork and the pizza business online is pretty competitive either way.

In addition some keywords have as good as no volume.

Keywords Research

There are a lot of tools that help you with keywords research.  I dip in and out of a lot of them and at the moment I am using Neil Patels Ubersuggest (he bought this online property a few years ago and added on a lot of bells and whistles.  It suits for my client base as it helps me with basic keyword research and tracking.

There are lots and lots more like AHREFS and SEMrush which are pricier but deliver more features.

If you don’t want to pay then you can use Google’s SEarch console for your site to at least track where your site is ranking at the moment for certain keywords.

Ultimately what keyword research does for you is identify a range of keywords that you want to base your SEO strategy on.  It may be a range of different ones or blocks of keywords that you want to build ongoing content about.

I recommend picking 2-3 areas and developing a content plan to attack your ranking for those keywords.