SEO Services Cork

SEO Services Cork

Based in Cork city we work with clients to provide search engine optimization (SEO) services and consultation to help them improve their online business.  Our goal isn’t just to improve your SEO but to help you get viable leads and customers for your business

We understand that search is important for your business but you don’t have the expertise or time to address the issues your website and online presence may be having. We live and breathe search engine marketing (SEM) and our goal is to open doors to new leads and customers through our expertise and service.

 Here are some of the areas that we can help you with.

  • Review your current search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO) activities
  • Review your site to see how it is performing in search compared with the competition.
  • Document the to 10 areas on your site that with immediate attention improve your search engine results
  • Work with you to implement an SEO plan that will deliver results.

What this process does is kick start your SEO and SEM planning and puts you on the road to getting new clients and increased revenue.

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SEO Company Cork

As a provider of SEO to Cork, Irish and International companies our focus on your bottom line which is optimising your site for search and developing smart, revenue-based SEO planning that delivers. Although we do great web designs our change in focus over recent years has been towards the marketing side of the business as search is a critical part any online business.

Our approach to search optimisation and SEM involves a mix of technical SEO, Internet marketing, outreach and content creation to fuel your online presence. Down through the years, we have worked with all types of businesses to help them develop a search engine strategy that suits their budget, bandwidth and expertise. In some cases we do all the work in others the client takes responsibility for aspects. We work out a plan that suits you and is achievable. We don’t focus on fancy reports we focus on tangible results traffic, leads and contacts.

Success is achieved through a blended approach with a combination of channels (web, social, outreach, PR and so on) that will benefit you. Doing research in your area, working with you to understand your business and an ongoing relationship is what delivers superior results.

SEO My Website

One of the common misconceptions about SEO is that you just SEO the website as a discrete task and the job is done.  There is of course important website based SEO task that we do like


  • Audit your site currently make any needed adjustments to your sites technical SEO in terms of tagging, sitemaps and schema that might not be currently in place.
  • Work to ensure blogging and content strategy is focused on the right keywords and provide advice on a blog per blog basis to ensure it is optimised.
  • Ensure your analytics and search console data is reporting the correct information and put any goals and tracking in place on site and in analytics to measure impact of this marketing and SEO activities that we both do.
  • Put relevant codes in place on site to capture leads correctly and improve overall engagement.
  • Create a clear sitemap
  • Optimise existing content on the website based on your keyword  search terms
  • Do a complete audit of your site to make sure it is running quickly is mobile friendly.
  • Add an SSL cert if no in place as this is a new Google signal.
  • Document a content plan that has content that should be added to improve your search engine ranking

But his is often just the tip of the SEO iceberg.  In most competive markets there are many other tasks that need to be worked on to deliver the desired increase in traffic and results to your site.  Do not think it is just keywords to your site and a few blog posts.  This may help a little but you need to have a clear SEO plan to succeed online.

SEO – Outreach

A critical part of competitive SEO is link building and outreach.  Doing link building with the right brands and with national publications can deliver positive results to complement any technical activities.

Through collaboration and brainstorming with you we create a publishable ready set of content that we work into press releases that actually get published and ideally get online links from publications with high Domain Authority.

Doing this in a repeatable way builds your reputation and search engine ranking.