SEO Service

SEO and Internet Marketing Service

We understand that sea4rch is important for your business but you don’t have the expertise or time to address the issues your website and online presence may be having. This service is intended to hit the “big hitters” that are impacting your website’s search presence and fix them.  It is not intended to address every single SEO or marketing issue but it delivers improvements at a decent price point.

 Here is what we do for free for you as part of our initial SEO service

  • Manually review your site to see how it is performing in search compared with the competition.
  • Document the top 5 points that you should address right now to improve your performance (some of this may have come out in the automated report)
  • Arrange a call or meeting to review this report.
  • Implement these findings on your approval.

What this process does is kick start your SEO planning and not just give you a report that you file with all the other reports.


Our Internet Marketing Approach

A core set of activities should not be neglected for any online business to improve its search engine presence However there is far more to SEO than just ticking off a list of activities.

Every business area is unique and different tasks and strategies apply as a result.

Our approach to SEO involves a mix of technical SEO, Internet marketing, outreach and content creation to fuel your online presence.

We emphasise to all our customers that it is not just your website but several other channels (social, outreach, PR and so on) that will benefit you. Doing research in your area, working with you to understand your business and an ongoing relationship is what delivers superior results.

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