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You need SEO these days.  The days of being successful without some for form of SEO or marketing are long gone.

Most businesses tend to keep ignoring it.  No we are fine we will do some marketing when we are quiet.  This is a pretty poor strategy.  The way to do well online is to be constantly working on content and internet marketing the areas and products you want to sell and promote. 

We try and promote SEO for Cork businesses and all our customers in factwhen we work with them.  We sit down and plan out a strategy, budget that they can meet and then work hard to deliver it. this isn’t because we want to make money its because we explain very clearly that a website without marketing is like one of those mailes you get in the mailbox.  Rarely seen and even more rarely acted on

And not just at times when they need it but planned far ahead.  We say start planning for Christmas when you are on the beach.  It may sound silly but it is true. We have a content and social media calendar for some clients that stretches 2-3 months ahead.  And yes she start talking about Christmas in August.  What do you want in terms of messaging. 

The same can be applied for Mother’s Day or ST Patricks day.  You get the gist.

One of our clients before we took them on board was reluctant to do so as they were “too busy”.  All our clients are busy and we don’t  expect them to take on SEO and marketing. That is what we do.  We speak briefly with you 2-3 times per month and perhaps an occasional email to check in.

We are constantly learning your business and build a large database of information about what you and the competition is doing plus understanding what the market is. 

SEO is not for tomorrow it is for yesterday.

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