Shopify Segmentation

Although segmentation is not unique to the Shopify eCommerce system it should still be given attention and implemented when your customer base grows and sales increase.

How Customer Segmentation Works?

First at its most simple customer segmentation is when you target your messaging at people who may have purchased product or products from one particular area of your stie.  you don’t  want to be sending womens clothing messages to men for instance. You of course know your customer base and need to define segments as you so wish.

You should have a base of customer data and with this in hand you can target all your messaging to discrete segments and reward those who are engaged with offers and focused offers.  Successful online stores and those using Shopify are no exception do this on a regular basis.

How To Segment in Your Shopify Store

Firstly you have all the data at your fingertips.  Data that includes items like.

  • Customers who have bought more than once
  • Which customers spend the most on your site
  • Most popular products and categories
  • Ideally you have an email list of all these customers.

Ans much much more it depends on what data you collect at checkout and perhaps through ongoing marketing. Shopify is very powerful in how it gathers data and when we build Shopify eCommerce websites we encourage our clients to check their sales data regularly.  Customer segmentation is common sense as even a cursory examination of data like above will show a huge cross section of very useful information.

Customer segmentation also allows ecommerce companies send relevant, timely promotions to their users. You may have collected date like age, gender (for those socks), location, browsing habits, interests, and even the devices they use.  This allows you to create offers and segments and market accordingly.

According to the results of a study conducted among e-commerce professionals in the UK and the U.S. in July 2020, 68 percent of respondents were already using real-time behavioral decisioning segmentation in the effort to personalize their e-commerce websites.

For Shopify and other eCommerce sites this should be your standard practice also