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Shopify provides a superb solution for B2B needs for your online store. Either just B2B or integrated with your current online shop


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Shopify bridges the B2B Gap

The B2C (business to consumer online experience is constantly evolving.  Never have so many people bought online and the pandemic culture has made this explode.

B2B is catching up and is the next huge growth area where businesses seek to replicate the B2B experience for their business dealings for buying online.  

 B2B customer expectations are rising all the time to match the B2C experience and with Shopify you can develop a polished experience for them

It must of course be appreciated that each  business you deal with have different needs but with careful planning and development Shopify will help you improve customer satisfaction from ordering to tracking to end to end supply chain management


Moving your business to B2B

Developing a B2B presence is not a one click process or just using one of the Shopify apps that support B2B as every business is different and every client is also different in how their supply chain works and how the place orders with you.

We work with clients to analyse their current B2B process (if it exists at all and workout  a footprint of clients that can potentially be migrated over time to the Shopify B2B environment.

B2B is provided initially on Shopify by the usage of Apps that on the whole can support simple order management processes and the pricing for same.  We dinf that once it starts both our customers and their customers find a substantial improvement in their workflow, order tracking and satisfaction.

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