Experts and Knowing It All

Simple Websites for Business

One of the things I try and avoid with clients and website potential clients is using language that they don’t understand.  It’s easy to sound like a know all expert.  But most people just check out when they start hearing that sort of language.

In all our businesses, walks of life and hobbies we have language and knowledge that is a level above those who have nothing to do with it.  We drift into using terminology and phrases that we know back to front (like SEO, SEM, http) without realising it.

Web design and Internet marketing is no exception.  When peoples heads start to nod rhythmically and their eyes get that glaze I know it is time to simplify and explain things a bit more slowly and with fewer acronyms.

However, there is one thing that I say most often to people that come to me that has not technical terminology or does not need a Ph.D. to understand.

The barriers to entry with online are super low and you should start with something, anything right now.

The costs of entry have never been lower.

Simple Websites Work

Yes simple websites can and do work.  I can share many examples out there that do great business through a simple look and great marketing and content.

Saying get something online that may not have every single item you want to say ready may sound hard for those used to doing things perfectly first time.  But online is not like that anymore.  Websites are constantly being tuned, changed and new articles, pages, and messages being edited.

You can create a social media account in 5-10 minutes, fire up a blog in under a morning and have an online presence now in a day.

I have created many websites for people who have created their 5-6 pages and done nothing afterward with marketing their site and presence, creating fresh messages either blogs or new pages.  In most cases, the website ends up being of little use to them beyond a phone directory for the people who may know their brand name and search online for them.

I strongly recommend a bootstrap approach for people on a budget or even those with money to spend.

Grab a template, get a site up that works and start typing, creating information

Of course, a great design CAN help convert but nothing converts to nothing so spending weeks or months worrying about the size of your logo or colour scheme doesn’t make sense.  Even if you do create something great and some of the aforementioned sites do look great your chances of having visitors is pretty low if you don’t work on your online presence through focused content, marketing, and social media.






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