Small Business Marketing

Small Business MarketingThe Importance of Small Business Marketing (and the fear)

Like one of those steep climbs to a roller coaster the number of clients who now ask me for small business marketing has absolutely quadrupled in the past two years. Most don’t ask for that but that is what they want. But there is an element of fear largely based on lack of knowledge.

It’s why the website design business is dying slowly. The skills or the talents of great designers or developers are still critical. But a website design company or person will struggle more and more as time goes on if they cant offer small businesses.

My key point here is for small businesses, large companies get marketing.  They are happy to use a design agency for design and development and a marketing agency for the marketing.  But a small business hasn’t the time, bandwidth or knowledge to do both.  Read their heads would explode if they had to manage two relationships (I know mine would).

From a personal viewpoint if we did not offer marketing, SEO and consultancy I would not have a business.

Its because people want actual business from online now and the dogs in the street know about search. Customers may not call it business marketing but it is what they want.

The website designer of today needs to have much more tools on their belts. Of course making great looking websites is something that will never go away. But making money is what client wants irrespective of how nice the site looks.

SEO and marketing is highly technical. It’s like when my mechanic speaks to me about what he did to fix my car. I have no clue usually what he is saying but I pay up and the car is fixed. For website marketing it is similar but it is not instantaneous and immediately measurable.

Why Small Businesses Need Marketing

But small businesses need marketing.

In the future (e.g. today) all businesses will have an Internet marketing function. It may be in house, it may be outsourced but they will have to have it. Even if you are a one man show you need to be doing it. The exception is if you have a long pipeline and dominate your niche.  If you have a long pipeline and no shortage of customers then stop reading now

Small business marketing can be l like trying to catch a chicken in a coop, even more so packaging internet marketing is complex and can cover a multitude of areas.. What I tend to do is outline some areas of focus in the first 2-3 months and front load the energy there to show these results.

Often after this the client is happy and we part ways – both of us end up happy. I usually achieve results from paying attention to

  • Setting a baseline of where your companies online marketing is now
  • Doing a LOT of research in the business niche on what the competition is doing and not doing, For many niches the bar is pretty low so some great quick wins can be achieved in the first weeks.
  • Improving your onsite website structures for search.
  • Upgrade and add a significant amount of new content that is useful to your clients and is search engine friendly.
    • I download and read a wide range of books to learn about the niches I work with “Yoga for Pregnant Woman” is one I read recently to get some content background.
  • Put some structure to your social media or start it if you have none.
  • Monitor improvements and double down on areas that are yielding results.

Marketing Sales Spiel?

Is this a sales spiel? In some ways yes but in other ways it isn’t. I now have pretty frank discussions with new website clients and in pretty blunt terms tell them they are wasting any cash they spend if they don’t pay attention to the items above.

Sometimes they still insist in putting together a brochure website.  But it will have limited impact.

To repeat its a complete waste of time getting a website if you don’t spend time on marketing your business online.

If you want to chat with me about your marketing and how I can help you then I will be glad to talk no commitment required for a half an hour and even look at your current online presence and give you some feedback free of charge.