Small Business Marketing

Apple has a lot to answer for.  Whether you love them or hate them their phones and ease of use increased the number of people using the Internet.  Sure we all accessed the Internet but the easy interface of the iPhone meant that people who may have checked their emails and done some light Internet searching a few times a week from a desktop have joined the millions who walk around clutching their phones.

It has also completely changed the focus of web customers.  Even the smallest business now that comes in my door wants to be found online.  They may not call it marketing of that sort.  But they use their phone to find “stuff” and know that it is now a huge part of how people find businesses and services.

The Challenge of Small Business Marketing

Any form of marketing takes both time, knowledge and effort and often budget (using perhaps paid Ads).  The range of things you can and need to do to be seen online is pretty broad.  And it is confusing at times.  I get confused at times and I am buried in the topic.

  • We do a LOT of research in the business niche. We check on what the competition is doing and not doing,
    • For many website the bar can be pretty low so some great quick wins can be achieved in the first weeks.
  • We work to improve your onsite website structure and core content.
  • Upgrade and add a significant amount of new content that is useful to your clients and is search engine friendly.
  • Put some structure to your social media or start it if you have none.
  • Monitor improvements and double down on areas that are yielding results.

Website Marketing Strategy

I now have pretty frank discussions with new website clients and in pretty blunt terms tell them they are wasting any cash they spend on a website if they don’t pay attention to the items above.