Will having an active social media marketing plan change you life.  No. But it is a free channel for getting your message out there


Whether you think social media is the tool of the devil (ask my wife) or the greatest thing since sliced bread (ask a millenial) it is still a marketing too.

A tool when used properly at a minimum keeps your brand in peoples eyes and when done professionally and consistently can generate customer loyalty and revenue


A common thing we hear from people (like you) is that “We are on Facebook but not Twitter (or Pinterest or Instagram or Mai Mai (I made Mai Mai up)  

We understand.

But we live in an age where you would be amazed (like my wife) or know 100% for sure (like the millennial) that social media is a marketing channel and it is better to be there regularly than not.


Manage your social media
275 Monthly
  • Post 2-3 times per day on 3 channels of your choice
  • 3-4 branded messages per week
  • Manage feedback, follows and growth
  • REgular chackin with you for content planning


Firstly we don’t  stop you doing what you may (or may not)( be doing already.  Thats fine – keep it up.  What we do do is the following.

  • Establish a branding to at least 50% of what you are sharing.
  • We work with better photos, better presentation and all over smart consistent “stuff”
  • We do is CONSISTENTLY – so we ensure that on all your channels even the neglected ones you are being seen at least 2-3 times per day with product or messaging.  
  • We work with you to establish a content plan so that you plan messaging for holidays like Christmas, Valentines, St Patricks Day and don’t  suddenly do it at the last minute.
  • We lightly manage feedback and contact. If you are great at that we understand but we are online 9-5.30 starting at our computers and you may not (OK we often work till 8-9 at night but you get the idea) so if something urgent comes in we ping you


OK you are looking at the price above and making haggling noises.  Sop – hold it let me break the time above down a bit so you can appreciate it.

fIrst there are two of us involved in this (well 3 including you). We spend at least 7-8 hours a month creating the branded messages (sizing and racking our brains with internally and with you for ideas).

We (without you) then spend a couple of hours planning and scheduling these message out.

And of course we have all your channels “running” and monitoring them.

And we do a lot more stuff as well.  Reading about your business area to get ideas and basically becoming a little more expert.  We always say we know a small bit about a lot of things.  I can have a pretty decent conversation for 100-15 minutes on welding supplies for instance.

So all told this price is for about 10-15 hours work so we think it is good value.

And of the record we keep a passing eye on it weekends as well (Shhh don’t  tell anyone that!)

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