Social Media – Its not for you its for them!

social media for business

A huge percentage of Fortune companies now use social media – it is part of their marketing and strategy (97% use Linkedin and 89% use Twitter per a recent survey).

If you are not using at least 2-3 of the main social tools as part of your marketing strategy and customer engagement you need to up your game for 2015 and beyond.

I meet a lot of new business owners who are in the situation where they don’t  think social is for them.  Well if it is for the Fortune 500 then it is for you. And as you can see from the detail in the chart below they are all growing their levels of engagement.

Become a Social Media Power User

You need to decide to become a social media power user.

This may sound very ambitious but it can be done quickly and the learning curve isn’t that steep.

It isn’t difficult.  It if was then millions of people wouldn’t be using social every day. You can become a power user in a very short time.

It is a free marketing channel that hundreds of thousands of businesses in Ireland and millions throughout the world are using.  Using these tools can open new channels for you and introduce you you to people who may never have heard of your business before.

Finding the Time for Social Media

The hardest part for those not used to using social is finding the time to learn about it and use it. I use social media all day long at my desk and on my smart phone.  But even if busy I allocate a half hour most days to plan my social media for the coming days.

I sit down and look at my social accounts and work out if I want to market anything (blog posts, special offers and so on) and plan these messages for the coming 2-3 days.

Then I schedule my distribution of these messages.  This sounds terribly complicated but is actually done very easily and most importantly busily.

Just start today.

If you would like to know how to improve your social media effectiveness then get in touch and I can help.