The Importance of Content in SEO

Everybody wants their website to show up on page one of Google when someone searches for their keyword. But there’s a lot more to search engine optimisation (SEO) than simply using the keyword over and over again on a page.

Content Creation – The Wrong Way

Of course, creating keyword related content IS important but it’s the approach you take that delivers the benefits.

I can show you hundreds of web pages that have taken the following approach

  1. The website owner wants to show up in search for a term like “ACME Blinds”.
  2. They write 2-300 words (or more often, less) where they put the words ACME blinds in multiple times.
  3. They publish the content and wait.
  4. The page may show up somewhere on page one and this pleases the publisher. “Look I am on page 1”

This is a flawed strategy. It starts off well, but watch what happens next.

  1. A potential client searches for ACME Blinds.
  2. They might see your result for that term.
  3. They click on the link.
  4. When they arrive it is not useful at all and they swiftly click the back button.

As the page is poor quality, Google will over time gently push it back to page 2,3,4 and it disappears.

Content Creation – The Right Way

I am working with a client at the moment (not a blinds supplier) to create content for a product on their new website design. The product in question is high end and expensive and winning even 2-3 contracts for its installation, and support has a significant impact on their balance sheet.

We are working back and forward at the moment to create a unique section of the website dedicated to this product.  This is what we are doing.

  1. Creating a starting page with a basic overview of the product.  
  2. Adding sections outlining each feature and the variations.
  3. Each section then clicks through to sub pages explaining the technical details of the options that come with the product.
  4. Use useful imagery of the products in question.
  5. Add PDF downloads of brochures to allow people to print and read.
  6. Add clear contact forms on each page to encourage the visitor to ask for more information.
  7. And finally, some technical SEO to make sure that it all shows well to Google.

So we are actually creating a micro-site for that product within their own site.  When finished it will be about 5-6 pages of well laid out detail on the product.

Here is what I like about this project.  There are a handful of other companies out there who are currently showing up on the top half of the search page for the same product. 

The only reason that they are showing up is that they took the lazy approach I mentioned at the start.

Promoting your Content on Google

Once these new pages are launched on the website, Google will recognise the value of the pages and push this customer’s results above the others.

My client has an advantage.  The product in question is quite niche and it’s better than the competition.  Which is all the more reason to make sure it has a website that they can sell it from.

Want to talk about content strategy and how it can improve your business?  Drop me a line below and we can arrange a meeting.