The Importance of Using Attributed Images

I used to explain this so often to customers that I decided to put this in s short post so that everyone could see it.  

The internet is awash with images and photos.  People who don’t work with websites often assume that it is perfectly OK to copy an image from another website and use it in theirs.

It isn’t.  It is stealing.

But there are LOTS of sites where you can get images and photos legally both paid and free.  Of course you can’t beat a professional well taken photo. Yes your phone can do that quite well but a proper SLR edited well is of course the ideal situation.  We use phone photos a lot if people are on a budget but since last year I do offer clients a photo service if they wish to avail of it.

Having built hundreds of websites I know lots of them but I now tend to use 2 sources for images, one is a paid stock image service that I pay a monthly fee to DepositPhotos and another I use because they have just amazing photos is Unpslash which is free.

But how come I just don’t  use one of the many free services like Unsplash?.  The reason is simple in that the quality of free images can vary a lot and ultimately it can frustrate slaving through multiple free stock image sites.  Paid usually has something right off the bar.. 

We don’t  ask clients to sign up for a paid stock image photos as the subscription we have means we have no problem getting as many as we want.  But we do ask that they do not send us images that they are not sure if they can be used.

There are a lot of technical terms surrounding image usage like Creative Commons and Fair Use and Royalty free and the Buffer site explains the background to images very well as providing a rich resource of websites where you can get free images.

But the bottom line is please don’t  take images from other sites either get them from one of he many reputable free sources and if for your own personal project pay the small fee to buy one.

Photo by Alan Carrillo on Unsplash


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