The Path To Success Online

You get a new website.

Delighted. 5 pages, 10 pages, 15 pages.  eCommerce maybe.  It looks great.  The logo is amazing.  The layout is exactly what you wanted.

You sit back and wait for that first contact call or email.

And you wait.

And you wait.

Nothing happens.

This is not surprising.  It is very unusual for a new website to get any visitors.  In fact, for any website for which there is not a marketing strategy, it is unusual these days to get any volume of visitors at all.

So why bother with a website? 

Good question.  You may also ask why as part of the website we didn’t generate that kind of business for them.  Simply put the gap between putting a website live and making it a viable business offering is extremly wide.  Without being embarrassed we have built websites that nobody EVER visited.  

Why – they didn’t work on their Internet presence.

Your website is ultimately a destination and you have work pretty hard and diligently over time to make it a viable business proposition.

There are a varied range of ways of promoting your business online and all of them take time and few of them guaurantee instant success.  If they did everyone would be doing it and we would all be happy with cash rolling in because we did a checklist of 10 things and walked away.

Unless you live in a cave on top of a mountain you are constantly being bombarded with information these days.  Social media, emails and messaging is everywhere.  And of course, good old search engines never go away.  If you need something these days you go search for it.  And a normal website link isn’t even alway what you see first.

Most successful online business owners understand this and are active in several dimensions making sure that thir digital presence is active.  



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