The Power of One and Conversions

I like creating great looking website designs.  Its what I do with clients every day of the week.  But in recent timesmy focus has shifted dramatically towards conversions and getting that “one customer”.  Of course we all want customers or sales or clicks or something when people visit our websites but often when you examine a page ona site it has nothing there to drive that conversion

Website owners tend to have belief.  On any given day someone is going to visit their website, become entranced by what they offer and contact them, make a sale, get that sign up or whatever. This can’t be further from the truth.  

I wrote a recent post about bounce rates And how peole look and leave but it is worth drilling won into conversions and the power of one

Your Target Visitors

Think of your last few customers.  What were they looking for, what questions did they ask you when you met them?  What were their concerns before actually doing business with you?

Can the visitor find this?  Is it quickly visible in the first few moments that they are on the site? 

In the case of my business, about 40-50% of the websites we do are working with old out of date websites to redesign them.  As a result, I completely rebuilt our home page a few weeks ago to focus on this area of business.

The instinctive desire for someone with a website is to make it look well have lots of interactivity, icons, tabs, sliders and add “the latest thing”.   This is all very well if you are doing a website design course and trying to impress your lecturer.

I know 100% of my clients just want clear guidance, answers, prices, and reassurances of knowledge, expertise and timely delivery from my website when they get there.  I assume your potential clients are not much different.

The Power of One

If you ruthlessly focus on delivering a strong value proposition for that one customer based on your recent customer’s needs and create the content, value, and forms that will help them engage with you then you will see your conversions improve.

Providing a funnel that they follow that keeps delivering this message to them also helps.  To explain this in a very simple context of this site it is worth looking at what happens when someone looking for website refresh (as opposed to a new website design

Having a nice slider doesn’t do this.

Improving Your Conversion Rate

You need to put your message on your homepage or landing page

so that there is no ambiguity about what the page is abouyt.  It may be a product you are selling, it may be a recipe, it may be a service that oyu want peiple to sign up to, or just an email newsletter sign up.

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Design Cleanly

Yes, design is important and simple is always best.  Don’t over complicate any page.   Clear visuals, charts, and text and leave it at that.  Your contact details need to be clearly accessible so that when the person does perhaps decide to contact you they don’t have to spend precious seconds looking for them (and perhaps giving up).

Social Proof

If you do write regularly then share it online on social media.  Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to start.  This is known as social proof.  Become active in these areas.  Build up your audience by providing value on these locations.  Always pivot back to providing value.  

Depending on your business niche value can be wildly different from say a plastic surgeon and a yoga instructor.  You know your clients, know what they want to provide this information and value all the time.

Always be Updating

You should always be updating your site to keep it abreast with your changes in services, new services and making sure that the content is sharp and well written.  As a website grows over the years your content will date. So create a little time every week to look at 1-2 pages and review them and update them to make them look even better and deliver an even clearer message.

Then perhaps you will get that one client.