The Power of One and Conversions

All website owners want customers or sales or clicks when people visit their websites.  Strategic inbound marketing, paid search (Google Ads) and SEO helps this happen but all too often we forget about what happens when visitors actually arrive to our websites.  All too often they don’t  stay too long after all our efforts to get them there.

Website owners tend to have a mistaken belief that everyone who visits their website, becomes entranced by what they offer and can’t wait to engage with them.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

I wrote a recent post about bounce rates And how people look and leave but lets look at how you should be focusing on that one customer.

Your Target Visitors

Think of your last few customers.  What were they looking for, what questions did they ask you when you met them? 

What were their concerns before actually doing business with you?

I know 100% of my clients just want clear guidance, answers, prices, and reassurances of knowledge, expertise and quality.  I assume your potential clients are not much different irrespective of what you offer.

Look closely at your website and ensure that it is actaully providing help to your visitors.

The Power of One

If you ruthlessly focus on delivering strong value then you will see your conversions improve.

Make sure that it is crystal clear what every page is about.  It may be a product you are selling, it may be a recipe, it may be a service that you want people to sign up to, or just an email newsletter sign up.

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Design Cleanly

Yes, design is important and simple is always best.  Don’t over complicate any page.   

Clear visuals, messages, and text and leave it at that.  Your contact details need to be super easy to access so that when the person does perhaps decide to contact you they don’t have to spend precious seconds looking for those details (and perhaps giving up).

Always be Updating

You should always be updating your site to keep it abreast with your changes in services, new services and making sure that the content is sharp and well written.  As a website grows over the years your content will date. So create a little time every week to look at 1-2 pages and review them and update them to make them look even better and deliver an even clearer message.

Then perhaps you will get that one client.


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