The Power of One and Conversions

Website owners all have a powerful belief.  On any given day someone is going to visit their website, become entranced by what they offer and contact them and begin a fruitful business relationship.  I encourage this belief but making it happen is a different matter.

Here are some simple tips that will help.

Write for Your Target Visitor

Think of your last few customers.  What were they looking for, what questions did they ask you when you met them?  What were their concerns before actually doing business with you?

Then look at your website, its content and how it is structured.

Can the visitor find this?  Is it quickly visible in the first few moments that they are on the site? 

If not then you need to address this right away. The instinctive desire for someone with a website is to make it look well have lots of interactivity, icons, tabs, sliders and add “the latest thing”.   This is all very well if you are doing a website design course and trying to impress your lecturer.

I know 100% of my clients are normal human beings who just want answers, prices and reassurances of knowledge, expertise and timely delivery from my website when they get there.  I would be amazed if your potential clients are much different.

The Power of One

Every year for the past 4-5 I have gotten 2-3 pieces of business from one specific page on my website.  The total value of the work is approx 1-2K.  You may think this is a lot or a pittance.  The point is that 5 years ago I spent a morning working on this specific page to optimise it, add solid information and make sure that the visitor looking for this specific service when they arrived were able to contact me easily.

This mornings work has yielded me approx 10K of work.   any self respecting website owner should focus on writing such pages for EVERY service that they provide.  Will it alwasys yield results.  It may but even for one client it is worth it.

Front And Center

Front and center of when people get to your page you should clearly and in simple language tell people what you do.  Short simple sentences in a readable language. If they can’t read aloud what you do without pausing for breath then it is wrongly written.

If you can’t explain one of your services in a conversation to a client or a friend if you want to test without sounding dumb then it is still wrong.

Yes add lots of detail but the initial experience in the first few lines need to be crisp and precise or the visitor leaves.

Design Cleanly

Yes design is important and simple is always best.  Don’t over complicate any page.   Clear visuals, charts, and text and leave it at that.  Your contact details need to be clearly accessible so that when the person does perhaps decide to contact you they don’t  have to spend precious seconds looking for them (and perhaps giving up).

Social Proof

If you do write regularly then share it online on social media.  Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to start.  This is known as social proof.  Become active in these areas.  Build up your audience by providing value on these locations.  Alwasy pivot back to providing value.  

Depending on your business niche value can be wildly different from say a plastic surgeon and a yoga instructor.  You know your clients, know what they want so provide this information and value all the time..

Always be Updating

You should always be updating your site to keep it abreast with your changes in services, new services and making sure that he content is sharp and well written.  As a website grows over the years your content will date. So create a little time every week to look at 1-2 pages and review them and update them to make them look even better and deliver an even clearer message.

Then perhaps you will get that one client.