Website Conversions – What You Need To Know

When a new client asks me to redesign an old website the first question I ask is how it’s doing as a business. A surprising number of people don’t know the answer.

If I get a reply like “pretty good” or “pretty bad” I know the client isn’t even keeping track of how many people visit their website every day, and certainly not their website conversions. That number mightn’t show up on their balance sheet, but it’s the first step towards measuring their online business. And you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Succeeding online involves doing three things right

  1. Getting people to your website
  2. Telling them exactly what you can do to help them
  3. Persuading them to pay for that help


And you’ll need to get a lot of people visiting. On most successful websites only one to three percent of visitors will take further action. And further action doesn’t necessarily mean reaching for their credit card, it might just mean clicking through to your blog.

The best way to get someone to do something is to ask them to do it. Lots of badly designed sites don’t explicitly invite visitors to take further action. They’ll have lots of fancy sliders, glowing reviews from past customers, and boastful posts about how much coffee the CEO drinks, but no obvious way to contact the business. These sites don’t generate any income. And the person paying for the site won’t know why.

A business website needs to create customers or it serves no purpose. And flashy sliding graphics won’t do that on their own.

Getting accurate and useful data about visitors to your site is a simple step. Here at Grange Web Design, in less than an hour we can give you the tools to actually track your website conversions and how your business is performing in real-time. Get in touch with the team today.

And if you don’t know that, you don’t know your business.


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