Want New Business? Yes Please!

If you are one of my clients for marketing and SEO  then you will have heard all of this.

“Create pages for each service you offer”  – I tell them. 

“They don’t  have to be works of art, just create something to start?” I preach.

“Work on them over time to make them useful and build additional pages if needs with more detail” I chant.

Then I realised just this week I hadn’t been practicing what I preached.  

Building a Business 

Up to a couple of years ago I designed and built 3-4 Joomla websites a year. Joomla is a content management system (CMS) like WordPress  

Joomla is not as popular as WordPress which is the big boy in town when it comes to CMS these days. But it still has about 8-10% of the CMS market while WordPress is in the 40% area.

Joomla is however getting less popular as WordPress gets more popular.

So how come my business dropped off?

I had no content on my site related to Joomla.

In one of my many content culls a couple of years back I deleted a lot of poor quality posts and a lot of duplicate pages.  During this bloodless cull I also deleted my Joomla landing page (since corrected but read on!).  

Now this page was far from a work of art back then but it DID get traffic that generated some of the above work for me.

But it was no longer on my site so Google assumed we didn’t do the work. Which we are! (insert whinging voice as I grovel under the throne of Google here).

This is a very common problem I see with businesses.  We do XYZ, how come we aren’t getting leads for it?”

Google doesn’t know and no that 3 lines at the end of page won’t cut it.

So what do you do?

Create a Pillar Page

First create a pillar page. A pillar page should be  your main go to page for a service. 

Treat this new page as if it is the ONLY thing you do and create the content as its it was a complete new one page site specifically about this.

Make the wording and language clear and readable.

Edit it, check the spelling, make sure you don’t sound like a car salesman and make sure that it has call to actions in it.  There is a lot more you can and should do but getting this done is a great start.

The word count of this page is up to you but at least have 500 words with a goal to make it 1000+. 

Why make it this long? 

In the SEO world it is acknowledged that longer form content gets more Google love.  The caveat here is that awful spammy long form content isn’t loved by Google or anyone for that matter so don’t go off on a mindless typing frenzy just to hit a word count.

My approach is to usually to try and write 500 words and over time build it out to add more detail over time.

Sub Pages

If your service or product offering has sufficient detail then write sub pages that are linked from this pillar page to dig into more detail.  These sub pages may even be services in their own right.

How many sub pages?  Depends on how many services are aligned with this top level one.

This won’t happen overnight it is over time as you get time to write, link and optimise.

The end result is that you have a tree of content with your main service and sub pages linked below.  Google loves this as it shows structure and organisation.

Time and Effort Equals Results (Usually)

Now all of these things  take time and effort and there may be a steep proverbial learning curve as you learn how to type, write and edit.

You may say you haven’t got the time but content creation is the backbone of SEO and marketing today.

If you aren’t going to pay someone or invest in Google Ads then odds low that you will get business from your website for this service.

Why Bother With This?

For me if I go back to 3-4 Joomla projects per year then the time I spent which could be 10-15 hours when I am done is worth decent business for me.  The results aren’t immediate and along with the content creation there other SEO tasks that need to be attended to but not doing it isn’t an option if you want new online business.

WWKD – What Would Kieran Do?

Here is what I am doing to fix the Joomla problem.  It is pure content and basic donkey work really but I am confident it will give results and I plan to share them with you in 3-4 weeks.

  • Pillar Page:  This is already created.  It is lacking a lot of things but it is a start and I plan to expand on this as part of my daily content hour.
  • Sub Pages: There are quite a few sub areas of Joomla that I can and plan to write about.  Like the pillar page I plan to start small and build these out over time – it may take 1-2 months realistically along with workload and upcoming Christmas.
  • SEO  I plan to optimise each page and interlink the pages along with blogging on the topic.
  • Blogs Posts:  Blogging is just another form of content but I am keeping an eye on Joomla news and some of my posts going forward will help people understand what is happening with Joomla along with shamelessly putting content out there on the topic.

All of the above is the literal tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO and marketing but it will generate results if you approach it with a plan and work steadily at it over time

Photo by Ethan Hu on Unsplash