How Much Does A Website Cost?


We get asked all the time for website costs. See below the main areas and how we develop a proposal that outlines all your main deliverables and the price for same.


All businesses care about website costs and it is of course one of our most frequently asked questions.  This article looks at a range of questions that get asked by our clients from website pricing packages to web design. costs per hour to is it possible to depreciate website design costs.

Lets. look at these one by one.  if you have any questions please get in touch with us and we will be glad to dig into the are of website design pricing and hat makes up price in detail with you

How Much Does It Cost to Design A WEbsite

One of our must frequently asked questions and not one with a simple answer.  It can vary wildly and though when asking about the design costs this may not satisfy you it is in fact the case.  You may see lots of “website design pricing packages” out there (and more of that later) but until we work with a. client to understand the scope of work for their project it is hard to determine a price.

Some companies then apply an hourly rate (we don’t ) some then quote you for each task (we do this) and then we usually review the website scope of work to agree that it hits all your requirements.

Even asking for a ball park figure without scope is impossible.  If a website company gives you a prie without proper scope then itcan lead to problems during the project.

How Much Do Web Designers Charge Per Hour

An hourly rate for website design perhaps can help you determine a solid price for your web design but again there are two schools of thought out there.

  • This is my hourly rate and I will work for X hours to build your website.
  • This is my over all price and the tasks and detailed deliverables are outlined in and SOW/Proposal

Having an hourly website design rate can be useful for a fix or edit to help you the client understand what they are getting. 

But for a website project it is not really useful and detailed scope of work (SOW) with deliverables and a price per deliverable is more useful as it is something you can track.

So asking for a cost per hour doesn’t work as you have no idea how quickly a wb expert works or what they can produce.  A website developer with 10 years experience can deliver more than one with 1-2 and quoting an hourly rate in isolation in this example shows how meaningless it is.

Website Design Pricing Plans

You see website design pricing plans all over the internet these days typically in three tiers showing a list of 8-10 features.  To a client who is new to website design this is attractive and they tend to zomne in ona price irrespective of the price. 

We steer away from tables completely as our discovery call is intended to fix a propere fair price for you.  

Pricing tables look great, catch the eye but all intensive pruposes have limited function.

If you re working with a website design company from whom you ordered then ask for a discovery call.

In the case of eCommerce website design a table is even more useless and again dig into the task over cost on a call.

How Much Does It Cost To Keep a Website Running?

Another of our most frequently asked questions.  Once a website is delivered and signed off you may wish how much it costs to keep a website running.  This can be broken down into the following costs

  • Yearly hosting costs – This is your hosting charges which are yearly to your hosting company
  • Domain Costs:  You pay a yearly fee to retain your website address.  If you don’t t your domain can lapse and you lose it.
  • Paid Plugins / Add Ons:  Ask your website designer if they used any paid add ons or plugins that may incur a yearly license.  This can be part of the original overall quote but there may be a recurring fee.  The best website pricing model will outline this.
  • Support Plans or Care Plans: you may require support and updates to your site (backups, updates and so on).  Ask about care plans for your website which typically are monthly and vary in price depending on activity levels.

Web Design Maintenance Fees

We often hear the term maintenance fees used with reference to websites and are asked about what the costs for this are.  

Our care plans can and will cover the maintenance of your website but along with this you should always keep an eye on your most popular pages and not just maintain them but update them to make sure that they are fresh relevant and encourage people to connect with you.

This is more design and content than maintenance but keeping a list of your most popular pagers (from Google Analytics) and having a regular maintenance and update plan is a a recommended idea

Website design and Hosting costs

Hosting costs vary across the board.  Your website design company may provide this asa reseller or you can buy your won.  Discuss this with your website company before buying as depending on your project you may need a specific type of hosting and a lot of hosting companies (like GoDaddy) oversell and you pay too much.

Can You Capitalise Website Design Costs

Websites are an asset, so build your business balance sheet. Most people regard the development of a website as being a cost to the business. In accounting terms, this means it is written off in one hit on your profit and loss, typically in the year you get the website developed.