Web Design Cork

Thanks for signing up with us for your new website.  We want to make it as painless as possible for you and of course for us so here is the process.  It is a simple one and we hope it makes sense.

Step 1: The Meeting

We need have to have a meeting with you where we understand your goals for the website.  You may not have any bar “get a website".  That"s OK most of our customers are like that.  

The meeting can be over Skype or face to face.  We have many customers who we have never met face to face but we still communicate well with them. So a quick chat goes a long way.

Step 2: The Design

After the meeting we then start on the design.  We use Photoshop (and other tools) to create mockups of your website.  If the project scope calls for other pages we do them too.

This isn"t the website it is the design and shows what the website will look like when it is developed.

We send this design to you for feedback. Again we can do the feedback face to face or online.

Your scope covers up to 3 revisions.  We expect your feedback to be prompt (within 2-3 days) and we can turn your changes / feedback around usually in 2-3 working days.


Our Process

Step 3: Design -> Development – Pause

We appreciate that you don"t know Photoshop from the man on the moon and it is just a picture to you.  But the reason we do a design rather than race into creating the website, is based on years of experience.  Here is why we design.

  • It allows you see the site as close as possible to the end product without us spending a lot of development hours and then having to make a lot of changes.
  • You get to see the colours and branding for the site and the layout.
  • With your feedback we can make changes to a design way quicker than at development stage.quickly.

Then you sign off on the design.  This means that you are happy and like what you see.

Step 4: Development

We then convert this website to a working site.

You will be able to edit all the pages on the website. We implement the website using a content management system (CMS) called WordPress.  It is used by 25-30% of all websites in the world today (number varies on where you read it but bottom line its hugely popular).

We put the site up on a test location for you to view and edit your content for a period of one week.  We will have asked you to gather this content during the design and development phases so a lot of this will be cut and paste.  If you are migrating an existing site we can kick start this as well.

We then go back and forward and gather final feedback (if any) make any changes and then implement them.

You make the final payment.

We then migrate the site to live (yes it is mobile friendly) and hand off to you.

About Your Website Content

We have delivered hundreds of websites down through the years and the number one thing that delays a site going live is content.  Not design ,not your feedback, not the development but the content for pages.

We require you to supply the main content for the website (home page text,  about us page and perhaps one or two service / product pages).   Our scope of work does not cover editing your words or creating the words for you during the design and development process.  

The reason for this is twofold 

  • Content never ends.  A normal website presence is constantly changing its message and pages.  So you will want to and be able to do this with your website.
  • We provide a system that allows you to do the edits yourself and add as many pages as you like

Once you provide us with the main content  along with main content details and we have delivered the website and all issues are resolved the project is complete and we expect sign off and final payment.