Website Design

Welcome to our website design guide which aims to help you in what can be a confusing path to getting your first website or perhaps you have an old website and choosing a new website development company or perhaps even doing it yourself.  The sections below aim to give you some easy to understand tips on how to get online quickly.  

I have had the privilege to design hundreds of websites for clients and all the projects share some common needs with the one constant being that every client is different with different goals.

For most clients getting a website is analogous to getting a new home.  You may only do it at most once or twice in a lifetime (unless you have multiple businesses) so you really don’t  know how it works, who to go to., what IS website design, how much should I pay.

It can all be a little daunting.



The most important thing when getting a website design is to not just focus on price alone. Not because price isn't important but you should have a set of questions to ask when looking for a website that the website company MUST be able to answer.

DIY or Build Your Own Website

It is very important to understand the divide between having what is a good looking website to having what is an effective business website.

Web design covers a range of areas from the actual design and layout (think colours, spacing ,photos etc to the actual development of features like contact forms and eCommerce for more advanced sites.

With the right IT or computer skills it is more than possible to build a starter website using a template and be done but if you want something that stands out from other businesses in the same niche then it does make sense to employ a website developer or website designer.


What website support do you offer after delivery?

Support is a vague term at best and it needs to be defined.  I tend to be crystal clear with my clients about what levels we provide.  We provide 60 days post delivery and then you will be charged per call or if you are on a care plan you will have a set amount odf hours per month that don’t  roll over.

This may sound prescriptive but it is clear.  If you ask  a website company or developer and they say something vague ;like “you should be OK” or “we can discuss that later” then it really isn’t enough as you WILL need supportat some stage and of course the volume of support varies.

Will the website be mobile ready?

The only answer to this is yes.  Another word for mobile ready is responsive but whatever you call it the website must look good on mobile devices as 40-70% of traffic now comes from mobile.  I would even go so far as to say that mobile is more important than desktop in some business areas


A domain name or a website address can often be a difficult decision and the one you may want may not be available. Here are some tips on how to find a domain and purchase it.

Website Hosting

All websites need hosting and unless you are using a service like Wix or Squarespace you need to find a good hosting company.

Website Designs

Depending on your budget you can choose a theme or template or get a bespoke design. Read the pros and cons of either approach.


your website looks great now how do you get people to find you. Here are some important hiousekeeping tips.

Website Traffic

Measure your website traffic with Google Analytics to see important data on your websites visitors

What Platform

There area huge range of website platforms to choose from and it can be pretty confusing to choose. HEre is some advice.