Bounce Rate and Web Design

People who run websites often like to boast about how many visitors they get per week. And if they’re getting ten thousand hits a week you’d be tempted to think that the website is a success. But without knowing the bounce rate those statistics are meaningless.

Bounce rate is a term used for measuring how long people stay on your website after they visit. Those ten thousand visitors sound less impressive if ninety-nine percent of them leave in less than ten seconds.

People have goldfish attention spans these days so you need to feed the goldfish in a manner that transforms them into readers that engage. So how do we reduce the bounce rate? Here are a few tips.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

These days most people use the internet on a phone or tablet. So your site needs to be mobile friendly and have the information people need without them developing callouses on their fingers swiping around the site to find what they are looking for.

It also needs to load fast on mobile. If people are checking your site on their phones they may not be in a WiFi area so having a site that is slow to load is the kiss of death.

Speed up Your Site

The art of speeding up a website is far too complicated to fit in this email. But all sites need to work on this all the time. A website really can’t load fast enough but if you get it under 2-3 seconds then your visitors will reward you by staying.


Let me put this as simply as I can. Sliders are a waste of time. Nobody looks at them, they behave differently on different browsers and look ridiculous on mobile screens.

Hide them on mobile if your love affair with them is so strong.


A few years ago giant menus came into fashion. They fell out of fashion for a very good reason. The rationale behind a cluttered menu has its roots in SEO and the incorrect belief that visitors to your site wanted every single page option in a navigation.

Your visitors have simple needs, are in a hurry, and are ready to bounce. Simple navigations will be rewarded with clicks. Get in their shoes and think of what they want.

They most definitely are not looking to read your quality statement, your testimonials, or the history of the company. All of these are relevant but not for your first time visitor. Put the items that will drive engagement and sales front and center.

Statistics and Bounce Rate

If visitors stay on a website then they are more inclined to engage. If you want a successful online business then you would do well to focus some of your daily marketing attention to looking at this (and other) analytical data.

Reducing your bounce rate will influence your bottom line and I hope that is something you care about! We can help – get in touch with the team today.