Simple Brochure Sites

All too often I get people emailing me for a quote and I don’t hear back from them.  If they usually go for the cheapest quote even I am sure they really don’t know what they are getting for their money.  I really need to know somebody’s budget to quote it properly as my time costs money just like yours.

I understand budgets and that not everyone is bulging with cash.  I am quite flexible to build sites for people on a budget once they realise that the scope can be a bit limited.

To explain with an actual example.  I built this site for a lady in Tottenham in the UK recently.  She already had a business site and wanted to build this one to test another part of London.

It basically has the following

  • 5 pages (running WordPress so she can – and will – add more pages)
  • No logo (just text)
  • Two images in total
  • Clean light layout

And that was it.  I built it for her for £200 as that was her budget for it at the time.  I spent about 2-3 days in total making it right, getting her content, working back and forward with her on text edits and other small details.

She was and is still delighted with it as she is actually getting some calls since it went live as I did some simple optimisation for her on it as well.

All told I actually like the website a lot as my own website is simple as well and I am a big fan of simple.

If you are on a low budget the most important thing is to let your web designer know and see what they can do. Let’s talk – get in touch today.