The Importance of Landing Pages

A landing page is the first part of a website that you see when you click on a link from an email or social media and you cannot underestimate their importance. In business, first impressions count. A good landing page will encourage people to spend longer on the website. A great landing page is vital to making an online business turn a profit.

I’ve been building and managing landing pages for years, so here are a few lessons I’ve learned about making them work.

Keep It Simple

Most people will spend between three and eight seconds looking at a landing page, so you need to make a page that can be absorbed in that time. Big blocks of text full of even bigger words will scare your customers away. If you need to include technical details on your website then include them, but on another screen. Nobody wants a mass of jargon when you’re saying hello to them. Use simple language. Write short sentences. Like this.

Think Business

Everyone who sees your landing page will be looking at it for a reason. Maybe they want to buy a product, maybe they want to read an article. You need to make sure that the landing page gets them to what they want quickly, and that it makes them want to come back a second time, and a third time.

Getting this right isn’t easy. And if you design a landing page and think your work is done then you’re definitely getting it wrong.

Get The Data

Once your landing page is up and running you need to monitor your analytics. Pay attention to how long people actually spend on the page. You could also use a recording tool like Hotjar to monitor how they actually move around the page.

Once you have the data on how your landing page is doing you can start to experiment. Make small changes to the page, one change at a time. Every time you change something look at how it affects your data. Change a line of text here. Or use a different font over there. Does changing the colour of the buttons make people more likely to press them? Will the offer of a free download make people consider signing up to your newsletter?

If any change increases your stats then keep it, if visitors drop, go back to the old way. But never stop experimenting. Even small increases in the number of visitors will lead to an increase in sales, and in the long run will make a big difference to your bottom line.