What a lot of people don’t know about web design companies, and something that we do not advertise well enough, is that most web design companies don’t just simply create websites.

Yes, creating websites using leading design techniques and delivering top class websites is important, but in today’s changing markets there are a number of add ons to the basic web design package that are required in order to be successful.

Below we will look at the key factors we take into account on our design projects here at Grange Web Design.

Web Design

Web Design - Mobile Optimisation

First thing’s first – mobile optimisation.

All of our web designs are mobile friendly when delivered.  That is a given.  But for particular websites, where the main channel is mobile, we have the ability to dig into the design aspects even deeper. This allows us to design the website with mobile first in mind.

Mobile first web design means that the first designs presented to you, as the client, are for the mobile view.  Then secondly (but still importantly) the site is also designed for desktop and other devices, such as tablets.

Web Design - Simple Yet Effective

Let’s be honest – not all of your website visitors are going to be technical wizards, so it’s crucially important to get the site layout right from the get go.

For you, this means making your site as simple to use as possible. But this doesn’t mean it’s an easy project for us, as the designers. Sometimes it can be just as hard making a website simple to use, as making a complex, technical website to begin with.

Web Design - Fast Loading

Creating an attractive website isn’t just making it look good.  Following up on the previous point, as well as providing websites that work across a range of devices, we also aim to deliver blazingly fast loading sites.  For us this means that they ideally load under 2 seconds on mobile and desktop.

Having your site load fast is a clear SEO indicator to Google and it also pleases the customers visiting your website.  Getting it there means examining every single element of web design, from the images to the code to the plugins chosen.

We put a lot of time in our test cycle ensuring each of these 3 factors are met in your website design. Although you may not notice it, your clients and site visitors certainly will.

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