Website Design – Hosting

Hosting is required for all websites and you will need to purchase it or your website development agency may sell it to you.  The only exception to this is if you use a platform like Shopify, Wix or Squarespace which bundle the hosting in the monthly pricing.

What is Website Hosting?

There are hundreds of website hosting providers worldwide who provide a huge range of services at an even wider range of prices.  Unless you have a very complex and have traffic site a simple basic hosting package will usually suit you.  Hosting is simple the hardware system that contains all your website.  Think of your laptops hard drive that runs your PC and you aren’t far off the basic idea.  Hosting providers usually keep all their software and hardware that runs your website in large data centers with thousands of other websites in one location.

You need to pay them yearly for the hosting (see Pricing below) to allow you host your site on their servers

Choosing the Best Hosting

There are lots of hosting companies out there.  The only tip I give people is to avoid GoDaddy who tend to oversell packages and their system is very hard to use.  One of the most important things to check is the level of support and the quality that they provide as you will from time to time need to contact them.  check online review of support levels before buying

I resell hosting (I am not a hosting company by any means). to make life easier for clients but it is your call to buy it yourself along with the domain name

Check their offerings to se if they supply items like

  • SSL Certificates offers you added security and the https extension in place of http (free is best).
  • Free backups
  • One click installs for software like WordPress
  • Staging (to keep a test backup of your site.

Price of Website Hosting

Prices can vary a lot but a rule of thumb for simple hosting is between €70-150 per year for hosting and that revolves around some of the items mentioned before like security, features and access.