Why Now Is The Time To Invest In e-Commerce

COVID-19 has affected everybody, with many businesses struggling to keep their doors open.

But as trade plummets in so many areas, have you thought about turning to e-Commerce to boost sales and help protect your business? E-retail sales account for 14.1% of all retail sales worldwide – and this figure is expected to grow to 22% by 2023. So what are you waiting for?

E-commerce may sound intimidating, but trust us: we can find a solution that works for you. You don’t necessarily need a top-end design either. Instead, customers are attracted to simple, easy-to-use systems that help them get what they want. Fast.

Let’s imagine that you own a pub with a busy restaurant facility. During lockdown, you may have already set up a takeaway food setup for your customers. Building an e-Commerce into your operation will now make it possible for your customers to click and collect their order.

This means that they’ll be able to order from your online menu, set a time for delivery, pay through the online system, and then collect from your restaurant. All with limited human interaction. Makes sense, right?

By opting for Click & Collect, you’re removing the hassle of delivery service (and finding the appropriate packaging). There’s no need to add every item onto your e-Commerce site either – just select what works easiest for you and add and change as you go.

But we hear you – surely setting up a system like that will take time? You’ll be surprised to hear that we are able to get simple e-Commerce sites up and running in as little as one week.

Through the winning combination of WordPress, WooCommerce, and a few key plugins, you’ll get a smart, fast-loading, mobile-friendly site that your customers can make orders on. Adding e-Commerce to your business mix will open up a new revenue stream. After that, all you need to do is to spread the word on your social media channels to get your first orders in.

Today there are 3.6 million smartphone users in Ireland alone – having an eCommerce site helps you tap into that business potential.

Of course, we understand revenue is tight for a lot of businesses just now, so we are happy to offer staged payments. We can get your site up and running with a 3-month payment plan.

It’s time to invest in e-Commerce – get in touch with us today.


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