What Is a Website Developer?

A pure website developer in Cork or anywhere for that matter would be someone who exclusively write code like HTML and Php that is focused on website builds and eCommerce development. People often mistakenly use this term to describe someone that does everything related to websites and also think that one person usually can do all the task. This is quite rare and if someone does say that they are a website developer and can do all things they do have weaknesses in some of the areas below.

This isn’t a criticism it is just a fact.  I have met very few website developers for instance who. can design a logo or vice versa.  You develop a core set of skills for sure and I am sure a website dev might have some Adobe skills to create a logo but they are few and far between

It is rare to have a website developer who will do all the things required to build out a full website for a client as usually they do not have these skills.  These include

  • Design of a site
  • Logo design
  • User Experience setup
  • Setting up of payment gateways for ecommerce.
  • Project management – often web developers.
  • SEO

A good website developer is invaluable however and their depth of knowledge helps in working with more complex builds and not just standard CMS style builds.  One of the areas that we as a company have started doing more complex builds is in the area of headless ecommerce


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