Help I’m Lost

There 3 top reasons why your new website isn’t showing up in search for your niche are usually the following.

  1. You have no clue about how to optimise your site for search and how off site Internet marketing works
  2. You have some understanding but there is so much noise out there that you are confused
  3. You understand it but haven’t executed a plan.

I have worked with over 50 clients in the past 5 years with exactly the same problems.
But where to start?

Flex Those Marketing Muscles

To market your website online takes blood sweat and tears!


Maybe your site is new. It might just be recently launched and Google may only have visited it once or twice so far.  It may have 4-5 pages that you lovingly created in expectation of those passionate visitors. It may be around for a long time but you never paid any attention to SEO or marketing and want to do something about it.


I offer a 4 week 1-on-1 consultancy which covers the following


  • Assess your current state.
  • See what your customer base is, set some goals and develop a plan that works for you, your time availability and is workable!
  • Fix problems on your website in general areas like keywords , Google submissions and some simple house keeping.
  • Establish social media presence.
  • Agree come content goals.


  • Complete two pieces of content for marketing.
  • Work on marketing them.
  • Train you on some simple marketing skills.
  • Train you on how to use social media effectively and optimise your time.


  • Complete content articles 3 and 4.
  • Work on marketing them.
  • Show you how to  source ideas for future content and keep your marketing efforts going even when you haven’t time.
  • Assess progress and show how you can optimise your efforts


  • Complete final piece of content (5 and 6).
  • Work on marketing them.
  • Assess progress and show some power tools to save time.


  • 1-on-1 weekly Skype call were we review your current state and start putting tangible actions in place for you to improve your marketing efforts.
  • Check ins during week with email task lists and Skype checkins (as much as you want) where we make sure you are executing
  • An end of program review where we set out a roadmap for your marketing for the next 1-6-12 months
  • Introduction to tools that will make your marketing easier and even automate it to optimise your time.

The 4 weeks costs $/€650 and covers the above 4 calls, emails  the content creation and Skype check ins during the week and a round up call at the end of the 4 weeks where we measure where you are at.

Sign up below I will be in touch and we can get started!

The Promise

I teach you

  • How optimised content can work
  • How to measure your progress, see what is / is not working
  • How to market yourself online without pissing people off
  • How to automate a lot of what you do without looking automated
  • How to develop habits that become part of your workflow and over time deliver results

With the tools and knowledge you get from our calls and discussion you can over time get better and better at SEO and marketing.

There are no fancy presentations or workbooks each course is focused on you and you alone.  I do a lot of work behind the scenes hitting you with challenges, research and ideas to stimulate those marketing muscles.