Web Design Cork

Our standard support period after websites for live is from 30-60 days.  After that period we do not provide unpaid support.

This may seem hard hearted but we have now have a lot of website customers out there.  Of course they don"t all contact us every single day but I did an analysis of the amount of time per week we (yes we are we now) were spending on support and it was getting extremely high and impacting paid work.

Monthly Support

  • Updates to all your site plugins and resolution of any conflicts that may arise.
  • Weekly site backup.  Plugin and CMS updates without you having to worry.
  • All specific requests must be sent in through email to [email protected]
  • Detailed descriptions of what was involved in resolving your issue as reported (some issues may take more than one block of time)

Blocks of support do not roll into the next month



  • When the issue is resolved you will get an email detailing what was done to fix your issue.
  • All incidents cost €35 minimum and must be paid upfront.  We will not start work till payment is received.
  • We asses the incident and if we determine that it is a block of work that is greater than 90 minutes then we reserve the right to quote you for more work.   To explain, if you break your website due to an upgrade or a hack or uploading some theme that basically ruins your site then this isn"t a small fix and could be a half days work or more.
  • We will send you a report on what we did and what we fixed for every incident.
  • The monthly package covers up to 10 blocks of work and these don"t roll over.