Website Update Services


We provide a detailed range of website update services for clients that include the following

      • Website updates for all types of business.
      • Malware Removal
      • Site Updates
      • Content Support, blogging, new content.
      • Site backups
      • Site Migrations

We have a range of packages depending on your specific requirements.

Read more about our services further down the page.


Malware Removal

Sites getting hacked is more and more commonplace these days as there are people who just like to break your website. In many cases, the site can be recovered and restored to its former state.

We act quickly and do our utmost to get your site back up and running. We do not guarantee success but will let you know in first hour or so if there is a possibility of recovery and give you an accurate quote on how long it will take and when your site will be back running.

Site Updates

We can help with security updates, plugin updates, and content changes. Our service supports busy businesses who want to ensure their site is secure and backed up and also has regular fresh content on the You are usually too busy to do this and we can do what may take you a lot of time quickly. It is important that your site is both secure and has up to date business information.


Site Backups

Your web hosting service may be making backups for you but as part of all our packages, we provide site backups to secure cloud storage. If you do need to recover your website then your hosting company will usually charge you a fee for this that can start at €50 and does not include the actual site restoration