Which WooCommerce Plugins

If you want to create a website used to sell your products or services, you will need a website that has been developed with specific eCommerce functionality. This is the core focus of good eCommerce website design.

For example, you will need to include a way for your customers to pay for the product or service directly on or via the website. It’s functions like these that differentiate between a website and an eCommerce website.

And it’s WooCommerce that can make the difference!

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a solution for anyone requiring eCommerce website design. It is a plugin that can be added to any WordPress website to transform it from a generic website into a website that can sell products and services.

There are different ways that WooCommerce can achieve this, using free and paid-for plugins. Here are some examples of common WooCommerce plugins used within eCommerce website design:

1. WooCommerce quotes

WooCommerce allows website visitors to request a quote. This is typically used by businesses needing eCommerce web design to offer services rather than products, but not exclusively. The quote button won’t just send a request for a quote, but it will even enable customers to groups products or services together as part of the quote request – or allow them to make an offer.

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2. WooCommerce payments

Ecommerce website design must include a method for your site visitors to pay for products and services, and WooCommerce offers just that. It adds a payment method to your site accepting major credit and debit cards in over 135 currencies. And there are no monthly fees!

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3. WooCommerce subscriptions

Some eCommerce businesses operate with a model that uses subscription payments to continuously take a payment of the same amount each week, month or year. One example may be a VPN provider; customers don’t just buy the VPN for a year, but they subscribe for yearly payments until they choose to unsubscribe. WooCommerce can help automate these regular payments.

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4. WooCommerce Stripe

WooCommerce Stripe is another payment method that can be added to your online eCommerce store. One benefit of using WooCommerce Stripe is that it keeps buyers on your site rather than sending them to a third-party payment gateway, which is proven to increase sales conversion rates.

Why pay for a WooCommerce plugin?

WooCommerce offers plenty of free plugins that make getting your eCommerce website off the ground easier. But there are some plugins that cost – so why would you pay for a WooCommerce plugin?

The answer is because these plugins have been pre-made, tested extensively and are proven to work effectively. The alternative would be paying a website developer to code an equivalent plugin, which would cost more and take many hours.

Instead, developers can utilise a wide range of free and paid-for WooCommerce plugins to offer faster eCommerce website design services that will meet business needs.

Avoid installing all WooCommerce plugins

If you’re trying to design an eCommerce website yourself using WooCommerce, you may be tempted to install everything and anything. But you should avoid doing this.

Installing a range of unnecessary plugins without careful consideration can be detrimental to the speed and functionality of your eCommerce website.

Instead, always consult with an experienced web designer who has a vast knowledge of utilising WooCommerce. Our team are here to assist you with eCommerce website design services and WooCommerce advice. Contact us today!