Why Bother With SEO?

If you own a business and have an online presence you fall into three categories in my opinion (which I completely accept may be flawed).

  1. You have plenty of work, and have it scheduled out for the next months and really are not in a position to accept any new work at the moment and if you do it will be scheduled and not done immediately.
  2. You have a decent amount of work or sales but would welcome some more to create a pipeline like point 1 above.
  3. Every week or month is a challenge and you are hustling to create and maintain a pipeline or recurring work.

If you are in 2 or 3 read on.  If you are in 1 then I suggest that you get additional resources and grow your ability to take on more work or flex to accomodate more work but that is another discussion.

SEO for SMEs – What Can It Actually Do

When I work with customers in the above buckets of 2 and 3 I ask them again some simple questions to help them focus on their SEO activities.  Actually in most cases they have no SEO plan at all and that is completely normal but not acceptable.

Here are the questions

  1. List 1-3 areas of your business that you would like to get more work in.  I suggest one lower priced service or product and one higher end or priced service.
  2. Look at your current online presence and see if you have content and marketing content about it.

If this doesn’t make sense let me give you an example in my own space.  I help lots of clients with email marketing which in most cases involves

  • Creating templates for email newsletters that look well and represent their brand.
  • Set up email capture on their websites, eCommerce sites and through digital marketing
  • In some cases actually create the actual weekly or monthly emails that go ou to their customer base.  This is usually takes a bit of planning as the content needs to be edited and approved by the client.

All good you say.  But up to this month I had no page on my website outlining this service and the pricing for this and little if any marketing on social about it.  So a potential lead who was perhaps looking for someone to help them with email newsletters would not have found it on this site.

The cost for this service is modest enough and as we say in Cork “it won’t make him rich” but it is usually a monthly service, something I enjoy doing and is of high value to customers.  EMail marketing is still huge.

In a similar space I have started in late 2021 working with two clients setting up B2B systems on Shopify.  These are large 2-3 monthly projects moving inventory online and setting up systems for their business clients to be able to place orders online and reducing paperwork and streamlining their business. They are of course decent eCommerce website projects and the work came to me with no SEO but now I have a landing page for this which I created and is an area that I plan to grow.

All very interesting you say but what has that to do with me.

SEO is Simple – Bar the Work

A huge amount of SEO is working the simple things every day.  If you have a service or offering and seriously want to get some business from it I tell clients treat this one service as the only thing you do when you pay attention to it.  If you sell red boxes create content around red boxes, be present online about red boxes, read about red box technology and perhaps feed some of that into your marketing and online content.

This scares people off as the number one reason people give is they haven’t the time to do it. I disagree 100%.  You need to juset block off the time to do it.