Why Choose Shopfiy?

Shopify as an eCommerce website system is going from strength to strength as it ads features ups its marketing to convince people to use it and it is nearly becoming synonymous with online sales like Google is for search.  Shopify is powerful and is a robust useful system for online sales but like any system it has it advantages and disadvantages.

Lets look the the advantages of Shopify first

Advantage 1: Robust Ecommerce Platform

Shopify lives in its own ecosystem. So all online stores with Shopify.  As a result it is very robust, safe and secure.  That isn’t to say a standard hosted eCommerce website isn’t but it is in Shopify’s interest that the site has 100% uptime and is safe from hackers.  The platform is Us based and the Shopify servers live in the US but deliver excellent speed through its Content Delivery Network (CDNs) in Europe as well.

Advantage 2: Ecommerce Through and Through

Of course Shopify is an eCommerce platform but that is what it does and not much else, it is a great blogging system (yet) so it has all the bells and whistles of a solid usable eCommerce system and is easy to use and setup for customers.  The shopping cart and buying experience is excellent and the back end is easier than WooCommerce and Magento in my opinion.

It doesn’t deliver some non eCommerce features that well (see disadvantages) but as an eCommerce system it is superb.