Why You Shouldn’t Update Your Website – Yet

A friend visited me yesterday who has an online business.

I’m not getting any website business he said.  I think we should update the website and change up the web design to make it more attractive.  Design for conversions is hugely important but first I believe strongly get the traffic

I said no.   The reason is based on data.  Here is his website traffic for the past 12 days per country.

Now he isn’t getting any customers from outside Ireland and at least 2 of those visitors are me and him. So he has had 15 visitors in about 14 days.

If you apply the 1-3% conversion rule e.g that for every 100 visitors you get 1-3 contacts, purchases, calls then it is clear that he is way off the mark on traffic.His problem is so so common. His website needs to be found and it won’t be found by having more sliders and more images.

I did a super simple audit of his site and found the problems below that are on so many sites that if corrected over time will move that dial for 15 visitors up.

  • His site has 2 pages home page and portfolio that look great but are not optimised in any way.
  • Even his amazing portfolio has images named badly image1.jpg with no ALT text to tell Google what the image is
  • He does provide excellent services but does not have a page per service that explains each in detail.
  • He does not blog nor does he know how.  Why blog? – it produces fresh content on topics that Google searches for.
  • Until I put it in place 3 weeks ago (!!) he had no data or analytics or search console data to help any SEO.

Now this person is a friend of mine for years so his reaction was.

I don’t  have time for all of that crap Kieran Is there another way..

Yes there is paid search but he hasn’t budget for that at the moment.  There isn’t a magic formula.  It takes work.  In addition he (as with any customer) needs to focus on -2 areas and a customer area that he wants to get online business in.  I usually suggest a high ticket service and low value volume ticket service.

Then work the content train and social media to advertise what you do.