who we are

Chief cook and bottle washer.  WordPress development, design bits and pieces , proposal creator.


Marketing, social media, content creator and all things beyond.  South African and cool

Yolande Buys - MARKETING

Talented designer, knows how to transform client ideas in to reality from print to design to full web.

MArcin Bareja - DESIGNER

Amazing designer, great ideas man. Thinks out of the box means and can design the box as well

Marko Ackovski- DESIGNER

Brand designer extraordinaire.  Southampton follower.  Creator of Herbert the Hedgehog and amazing art 

Ron Rigby - PRINT / BRAND


who - what - where

Grange Web has been creating websites and helping companies with their marketing for close to a decade. We aren’t a team of interns.

Based in Cork we are a passionate team that have the web design, and development skills to confidently and competently help you succeed.

Our goal is simple: to deliver an online presence that helps you grow your business. Whether you’re a large company trying to sell products, an SME who wants to get noticed, or a freelancer looking to create an upscale online presence, we can deliver the results you’re looking for.


how much?

We understand you need a price (of course!).  Whether you are a startup on a tight budget or a large SME looking to upgrade a site to make it do more business you have a figure in mind for what you want to spend.  Or maybe you have no clue at all how much a website costs. 

Every project is different and we have delivered website designs for as little as €300 and as much as €10,000 and a wild variety in between.  It would be silly for us to slap up a pricing table or give you our “November Special Offer” as every project is different.  That’s why we ask you to fill out our onboarding form (takes 2-3 minutes) to allow us accurately price your project.


examples of what we do

After nearly 10 years in business we have delivered a LOT of websites with the varying budgets above.  Our range of customers is quite varied and we have met some great people down through the years.  We hope we can work with you on your project.

Irrespective of pricing we never deliver a website that we would not happily put in our portfolio