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Why SEO IS Important in Cork

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important for any online business and for a business in Cork it is as important as any location in Ireland.  But lets look at SEO in Cork and how we approach it for businesses and build their ranking and position for important keywords.

SEO Cork
SEO Cork City

SEO Cork - Keyword Analysis

One of the first things we do is look at what the keywords that matter for the business.  Using SEMRush our tool of choice for search analysis we build a picture of the top 5 to 10 keyword combinations that have decent search volume.

With this in hand, we build a picture of how they are performing for these keywords and build a plan to improve the ranking over time.

Cork is both a city and a county with many towns Including the capital cork city itself) so in some cases, we can drill down into a town itself (say Midleton) and work on that location. Often ranking in a town in Cork is enough for to generate enough business.

One of the pillars of our SEO strategies is a content plan and building fresh relevant content that showcases Cork business and is useful to the visitor and also to Google search.

SEO Cork - Content Creation

For the past number of years we have a full time content creator on board that helps us stand out from other SEO companies in cork.  She writes professionally and for many businesses who are interested in search engine optimisation, content is something that they are neither expert in nor have the time for.

Content is the backbone of a great website experience and also to help a company to rank.  When you sign up for our SEO program one of the building blocks of the marketing is creation of what we call pillar content and also the cretion of blog posts and smalelr sub pages of servicdes that you may be offering

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