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Grange – A Cork Website Design Company

We are a website design company  based in Cork and we have been developing and designing websites for clients worldwide for nearly 10 years.  We are hugely proud of being from Cork and claim that we do an equal if not better quality of work than many agencies in Dublin. See our work >>

Besides our skills in design, development and Internet Marketing we stand out in three main areas.

Website Design Cork – Where to Begin

The best way is to just call. Contact forms also work but a quick call works wonders. We will answer during work hours and a text to (086) 812 7999 off peak may get some answers too (we don’t promise that however).

Who Are We?

authorI am Kieran and I own Grange Web Design.

We are a Cork website design (yes Cork again, I did say we were proud of the location) company with a small team of developers and designers who work super fast to deliver your website to the specification that you need.

Our website design business has a deliberate emphasis on the business part.  We not only want to  deliver the website but we also want both parties make money.  By this we mean the quicker we meet your needs and make you really really happy the quicker you can make money and of course we get paid.

Where Is The Flashy Stuff

We took all the sliders and flashy stuff off the page.  There were two main reasons for this.

  • Nobody cared about it really.
  • It makes this page load quicker so you can see what we do quicker

If you want to see some of our work then check out our Portfolio.  It isn’t every single project we have ever done but it is a decent cross section of websites and eCommerce projects that we have delivered down through the years.

What Do You Do?

Cork Website Design - Grange What We DoWhen we (actually I as in Kieran) started off nearly 10 years ago all we did were HTML websites and worked away producing these but our expertise has grown and now we deliver

  • Custom Website Designs and Development
  • Internet Marketing support and Advice
  • Logo Designs
  • Print Design
  • Content Management System Development
  • eCommerce Design and Development