Our eCommerce Web Design & Development Solutions are highly effective in helping businesses and individuals sell online. We work with all the main platforms.



Our eCommerce Web Design & Development Solutions are highly effective in helping businesses and individuals sell online. We work with all the main platforms.



Our eCommerce Web Design & Development Solutions are highly effective in helping businesses and individuals sell online. We work with all the main platforms.

eCommerce Web Design

We. have been building eCommerce website for Irish and International clients for over 10 years.

So you are looking to start your eCommerce business.


But you may not know where to start or have some idea and want to setup an eCommerce store so take advantage of the ever growing online market that  now exists online.  See below for some of the steps to get started with your eCommerce journey

Which eCommerce Platform?

CHoosing Your eCommerce Platform

There are lots of different eCommerce platforms to choose from and it is confusing for people for people who may never have had online shop before.

You may not even be familiar with the fact that there are so many.  You just want to sell online.

We of course can help but what is important is whether your eCommerce system is going to be just a shop or a combination of a standard website with the shop as part of it.

We tend to advise using Shopify when you just want a pure eCommerce store and WordPress with Woocommerce when you want a combination of website, blog and store. We also work with all the major platforms to the right but Shopify and WooCommerce are the leaders in the marketplace atm.

If you are more comfortable with one of the other systems that then is not a problem but we like to chat to make sure that whichever system you choose it “ticks” the boxes for functionality for you.

eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce choosing the right platform

Recent eCommerce Projects

See some of our project examples


How We Design eCommerce Sites


The first stage of any website design process and even more importantly for an eCommerce site is the actual design of the site.

Design is critical for a successful store and we work with our clients to create a design that both matches their brand and showcases their products in an attractive light.

There is an expectation of what a traditional eCommerce site design should look like but subtle design items can make the online store look great but also have a strong structured design to convince visitors to go through the shopping process to finally get to the checkout.

For a traditional brochure site you can often just design the home page and a master template for pages and posets but for eCommerce there are many more pages and steps to look at from category page design to checkout page design.

Often these may not even be apparent and not huge broad brush strokes but subtle user experience items.

To the left are some of the design steps that  take place for eCommerce design before moving onto eCommerce website development

eCommerce design process

Ecommerce Website Development

website development ecommerce

We offer a wide range of eCommerce website design services to customers as part of the eCommerce website development process. 

From initial design and development of the online store to the shopping cart experience we work with you every step of the way to ensure your new eCommerce site is setup to do business and make sales from the very first day it goes live.

We work with all the major eCommerce platforms and if you are not sure of the which ones suits your business then we can advise you which one will work as part of the process.

Our team of developers know which platform works best for individual businesses and can advise on scalability and robustness for your specific needs whether it be B2B or B2C online sales or a combination of. both



Our team of developers are experts in the major platforms from WordPress for eCommerce to Shopify to Opencart.

Ecommerce website development is the process of developing the all the technical aspects of your ecommerce website — how it looks and operates, accepts payments, behaves in response to user action and how the sales process works online on desktop and on mobile.

Ecommerce website development has a lot of blocks  as part of the development process. As the end customer and us as your eCommerce development agency we have to consider a number of factors, including website performance (e.g., page speed, checkout processes) and user experience.

eCommerce SEO


SEO for eCommerce stores is very important and every single product page is like a minni SEO project really.  Attention needs to be paid to optimising every aspect of every product and category page.  Working on the following areas is how we implement SEO for eCommerce sites

  • Great unique product descriptions.
  • Great detailed product category descriptions.
  • Naming images in a search engine friendly manner.
  • Using breadcrumbs to indicate to Google where a product is in the hierarchy.
  • Naming categories and product urls in a consistent search engine friendly manner.

eCommerce Payment Gateways

On of our most frequently asked questions from clients is which eCommerce Payment gateway should they choose.

All eCommerce sites and online sortes have a payment gateway.  There is wide range of payment gateways out there for someone setting up an online site. 

You as the website owner needs to register for one of these.  All of them take a small percentage of each sale and this can range from 1 -3%.  

Deciding on which suits you best is a tricky decision as the online market has many options available and it is hard to tell why one is better than the other.  You may wish to stick with your banks payment gateway and that is fine.  Most of the major banks now have one.

Or you may wish to use a service like Stripe (one we use a lot with clients)

The important thing to understand is that if you are unhappy with one at any stage you can change your payment service to another. 

The important thing to know is that all payment gateway providers provide a secure method for accepting payments and your customers information is secure.

One important piece of terminology that you may hear is a merchant account which is basically a online payment system provided by your bank. A merchant account is just another type of bank account that allows you to accept payments online and is needed if if you want to take payments online. 

Merchant accounts works to take debit or credit card payments from the payment processor. Once your merchant account receives the funds, this is then sent to your own bank account.

From a security perspective all of these services are based in the cloud in secure locations and NOT on your website.  A common misconception is that payments are handled on the website – all secure transactions are done in the world of the payment gateway so you needn’t think you have people’s credit card details anywhere in your possession

Customer Requirements for an eCommerce Website

eCommerce Customer Website checklist

Weur eCommerce projects to move quickly and the customer has an an important part to play in this process. Where at all possible we require the customer to 

  • eCommerce Product Images: Get all their product images in place to load on their shop.
  • Product Pricing: Get all their product pricing and have it in an easy to access CSV file if possible.
  • eCommerce Product Descriptions: Have all their product descriptions available with product titles.
  • Payment Gateways: Have their payment gateway setup – we usually recommend Stripe but have no issue using another one.


We fully understand when a client does not have one or all of the above and in our discovery / kickoff call we will work with you to see how much support you need as part of the project.

We do from time to time offer ongoing eCommerce website services where we help with ongoing product updates and also with eCommerce SEO.